Delight in the details

4.12.19 – This has been a huge year of change for me. After seven years of having my office in the Cedar Building and six of those years as General Manager of the building there, I spent the first two months kind of reeling with emotions that were very unexpected.

It had been an absolute pleasure to work for Don, probably because he gave me the freedom and authority to operate as if I was working for myself. Many times I had thought about being the owner, and when the Building came up for sale, I sought God’s direction and He promptly closed that chapter of my life.

Though I loved my job and the building, it was time to move on. I very much miss working with my dear old dad there and going to Northwoods for breakfast at least once a week. We both enjoyed offering a helping hand and service with a smile to the tenants there. I’ll miss working with him on odd projects like painting and remodeling spaces, problem solving and gardening, but neither of us will miss changing out doorknobs!

Before I even knew I was looking for a new office, a friend of mine was maybe looking for an in-house graphic designer. Going back to my roots? Going to work full time for someone else? I wondered if maybe I could just rent an office from her instead and continue to build my own business.

Now I have an office on Broadway in Alexandria and yep, Big Ole is my neighbor!

My old office had this floor to ceiling built-in cupboard thing, and though I now have a closet to store some of those items, I still needed the right piece of functional furniture to complete my space. I’d had my eye on a black credenza that Jo had in her reception area and when I found out that wouldn’t work, I went on the hunt!

Downtown Alexandria is home to so many cool shops! But scouring Yesterdays, Past & Present Home Gallery and Not 2 Shabby, I still hadn’t found the reasonably priced piece that would meet my criteria.

So I headed to The Blue Rooster Shoppe and quickly scanned their inventory, not seeing that “just right” piece. Staff asked if they could help and I immediately recognized Susie, a former tenant of mine from the Cedar Building, pursuing her life-long dream of running her own store. Together we measured the lower drawers on this cool, curved dresser. Nope, not tall enough. Then she asked if I had noticed the dresser in the back room.

Well, the drawers were deep enough and when I said I didn’t need the mirror, she offered a discount if she kept it. I immediately asked if she had tools. This lunchtime office excursion was going to be productive! With the mirror off and the drawers staying behind, I needed a board to act as a shelf for my large albums. FOUND ONE!

Susie offered up a handy little rotorazor saw and let me take it for the inaugural run. I measured, made two cuts and set both board sections in as a shelf. Then I cut the divider that had been between the two drawers. One swift kick busted it loose and bam – DIY renovation done over lunch!

I couldn’t be happier with this piece! Not everyone needs a drawer for adhesives, but in mine you’ll find tapes, glue dots, scotch runners of various types and of varying degrees of holding power. In the other drawer, my X-Acto knives, several hole punch tools, a corner rounder etc.

The start of the year was hard, with anxiety, anger and sadness from so many major adjustments all at once. My new office feels more like my own space and it’s comfortable. It feels like a provisional fresh start. Okay, God, I’m ready to work on whatever you have in store for me in this next season.

The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
    He delights in every detail of their lives.
Though they stumble, they will never fall,
    for the Lord holds them by the hand.
PSALM 37 : 23-24 (NLT)