Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

I love helping brides with custom wedding invitations! Let Versatile Designs help you get exactly what you want to compliment your style and stay within your budget.

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How much do wedding invitations cost?
Tough question! Costs are determined by many factors including paper, ink color, number of enclosures, quantity and design. There is a wide range of all the aforementioned options and choices really depend on what you desire.  The cost per can range from about $2.00 on up to over $5.00 per ensemble.

What should be included in my wedding invitations?
Your wedding ensemble should include the invitation to the wedding ceremony, reception details (on the invitation or on a separate enclosure), map & accommodations to help your out of town guests, and a reply card so you know how many guests to anticipate. For your envelopes, you should also consider having return address labels or a custom stamp to make addressing easier.

How do I decide what wording to use on my invitations?

When should I mail wedding invitations?
Wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the event. If your wedding is in the summer months, you should try to get them out the full 8 weeks ahead of time so guests are informed and can get your event in their calendars. If you have sent out save-the-dates, you can get by closer to the 6 week mark.

What should I consider before making my own invitations?
You may not realize that professionally printed invitations do not cost much more than homemade ones.

Consider the DO-IT-YOURSELF Expenses:
• Ink cartridges and printer capable of quality printing
• Enough paper components that match
• Extra paper for mistakes and test sheets
• Envelopes (and printing)
• Cutting fees (for ease of assembly and to save time)
• Purchasing fonts and/or images you wish to use
• Printing return addresses on envelopes or buying labels
• Your time! You have enough to do for your big day!

Invitation Design:
• Correct wording on your invitations and enclosures
• Incorporating fonts and graphics and/or photographs
• Invitation/enclosure layout, including detailed map design
• Will the finished invitation set cost more in postage?

Error Potential:
• Cutting paper incorrectly
• Supplier running out of your paper
• Papers won’t run through printers (too thick or thin)
• Ink cartridge runs out (inconsistent ink coverage)
• The ink smudges before it dries completely
• Invitations and enclosures do not fit in your envelopes